If you are planning a road trip, then better be prepared. Your car will serve as family rooms so it is crucial that you must child proof it accordingly. This may take time so you can start a few days before you go on the long road. Here are some tips that can help you have an enjoyable and safe trip. 

    Tune Up 

    Make sure that your car is in good working order to ensure that your trip is smooth and there is a less chance of mishaps. It is recommended that you check your battery, tires, belts, fluids, and air conditioner. If you are driving in a hot climate then it is advisable that you use motor oil with a higher viscosity. 

    Even if you checked well and made the necessary adjustments for your incoming road trip, there is still a chance that minor problems might happen so it is advantageous that you are secure to what might happen. 

    If your vehicle needs special attention or is malfunctioning that using it will more likely create accidents or worse your car is involved in an accident, then you will need some roadside assistance.  

    Get Enough Sleep 

    Drive only when you are well rested and exchange with another adult if you feel sleepy and tired. This will lessen the chance of accidents. 

    Be Sun Smart 

    You must equip everyone with sunglasses and sunblock. Hats can also be given to younger ones and put a sunshade on your backseat. You must not leave your kids inside you care because the hot temperature outside can influence the interior temperature of your car in just a minute.  

    Scour the Backseat 

    It is important that you ensure child safety locks are activated on windows and doors out of reach from children. Remove any poisonous substances such as washer fluid and keep an eye for choking hazards. It is also important that you use a seatbelt to lessen injury in case of a sudden stop or crash. 

    Keep the Weight Down 

    It is a smart choice to put heavy items in the seat walls so that they won’t become hazardous during sudden stops. It is also recommended to batten up strollers, suitcases, and anything else stowed. 

    Make the Proper Posture 

    Slouching can make you sleepy so it is important that you sit up straight. Your legs must be bent so that you can exert pressure on the brake pedal. Elbows must be slightly bent so that you can easily use your strength to turn the wheel. 

    Ignore Phone Calls 

    Talking on a phone is dangerous even if you are hands-free so it is a smart choice to not use your phone while driving. The portion of your brain that analyzes moving images decreases its activity by up to one third when listening to your phone.  

    Talking on the phone and driving at the same time is equivalent to watching television while talking on the phone, you will surely miss the other one. If you suspect that the call is indeed an emergency, you can stop for a while and take the call.